Our Forest School

Forest school is an inspirational process, a specialised learning approach that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences, in a woodland or natural environment.

We at Leaps and Bounds have embraced Forest school to provide opportunities for all children to learn and enjoy, we continue to support children’ s individual development and needs as outdoor provision allows us to cater learning styles, schemas and learning intentions using the Early Years Foundation Stage.

At Forest school, we value the thriving development, self-motivation and independence to which young people are capable. The experiences are holistic, allowing chances to risk assess, appreciate and care for the environment, to collaborate and work as a team, develop physically and develop practical life skills.

We have more than 3 trained Forest School Leaders in each of our settings as we believe nature being the third educator should be provided for children in all age groups, so the abilities to problem solve, manage risks, create a positive attitude to learning and healthier lifestyles can be attained from a young age. Take a look at our Forest School in action in the video below or learn more in our Complete Guide to Forest School here.