Nursery Facilities

At Leaps and Bounds we love to take advantage of the fact the nursery is located extremely close to Summerfield park and Edgbaston Reservoir, the staff plan various outings where they are able to carry out activities in the natural environment.

Purpose built environment

We have invested a lot of time and effort into ensuring that our nursery provides the right environment for the children in our care.


The building is purpose built; comprising four spacious, fully equipped and well resourced rooms, two outdoor play areas and a separate community room.


Safe and secure

The safety and security of our children and staff is paramount. We have therefore, implemented a wide range of safety and security precautions, which include secure door entry and CCTV in every room.


Tailored to children’s needs

Each room is tailored to meet the development needs of its particular age group and has its own team of staff, headed by a room leader who is responsible for organising the experiences and activities on a weekly basis.


Key workers are used to providing children and parents with a consistent adult with whom they can develop a trusting and supportive relationship.


Each room works to a varied timetable that fits within an overall daily routine that has been designed to promote the smooth running of the nursery and ensure children feel comfortable and secure at all times.


We are at an advantage that the location of our nursery is a five minute walk from the Edgbaston Reservoir (opposite) and Summerfield Park (at the rear of the property). All base rooms take regular visits offsite where they have the opportunity to explore the natural environment in a range of ways.


Our stimulating outdoor area provides numerous opportunities for children to explore; their learning is enhanced with this well-equipped specially designed area. Our outdoor area enables young children to learn about the world and environment, develop their own physical motor skills, socialise with each other and be imaginative.


We have our own special designated area for our youngest members of the setting aged 8 weeks to 14 months, we provide a tranquil and unique area for them to settle and develop during their early stages of life. Our baby area is equipped with a vast number of quality toys and provides a multi-sensory environment to give them the best start in life. The room provides a bright, stimulating, cosy and welcoming environment, in which they can explore, have fun and learn through play. Each child has a keyworker who adapts the daily routine to meet individual needs, and monitors progress and development by forming close relationships with parents and children.


Our first steps room caters for children from 14 months to 24 months, the room is bright and airy where children have access to low windows where they are able to look out of. We provide a wide range of equipment and activities, one of the main features within the room is our heuristic area which provides natural objects for children to explore. The room is tailored to allow children access messy play on a both small and large scale as well as provide other areas such as; sand and water, role play, cosy book area, and a large scale mark making area.


This large and spacious room caters for children from 24 months to 38 months which accesses the outdoor area, therefore children have the opportunity to free-flow between the indoor and outdoor play area throughout the day. The areas created and the activities provided are all based upon the child’s interests which are identified by the key worker. We have a range of stimulating areas around the rooms for children to explore which are regularly adapted to ensure engagement and excitement. The room consists of a messy zone, mark making area, a construction area, role play, cosy book corner and a sensory where natural resources are provided for children to expose, to be curious and to imagine.
The children have the option for free flow which allow them to use indoor and outdoor play through all day. When your child turns two years old they will have a Progress Check; this will be a written assessment about your child’s development and give you the opportunity to meet your child’s key person to discuss their progress.


These are our preschool children aged 38 months; the room is formed to create a stimulating and structured environment in order to prepare our children for school. We have designed particular areas around the room such as role play, literacy, maths, construction, I.T and investigation where children are able to develop skills such as; independence, self-esteem and social skills. These are done through activities, for example; carrying out mini experiments, physical education opportunities and jolly phonic sessions. The staff in the room work alongside one another to ensure that the activities are planned using the Early Years Foundations Stage which are effective for children to achieve as well as to be challenged, they ensure that the prime areas are reached in order for children to make an easy transition to school.

This is our multi-purpose room which is ideal for all children. We have equipment such as a cooker and an interactive whiteboard where children are able to use language, develop ICT skills, enjoy sensory and further their understanding. Children have enjoyed activities such as cooking a range of healthy snacks, play gym sessions, sensory play and introductory sessions to simple programmes using a wide variety of ICT resources.