About us

Choosing a nursery for your child is one of the most important decisions as a parent. It is essential that you find a nursery which will support your child’s developmental needs and provide a safe, caring and secure environment to allow them to develop into a unique individual.


Leaps and Bounds Day Nursery aims to deliver a high-quality level of care and learning within a warm, safe and stimulating environment. Leaps and Bounds Day Nursery provides children with opportunities to actively learn through play, develop positive relationships and work towards the EYFS framework. We ensure that we support each child individually and provide them with the first steps towards a better future.


To achieve this vision, we aim:

  • To promote social, emotional and cultural values; celebrate successes and foster an environment where everyone is valued and can grow to their maximum potential.
  • To maintain a consistent, committed staff team, ensuring the ‘right’ person is appointed for each role, taking personalities and experience in to consideration.
  • To provide opportunities to imagine and learn through play, whilst developing confidence and independence, to become life-long learners.


At Leaps and Bounds Day Nursery, we are proud to say that we are a graduate led setting managed by Hannah Ayre who has been at the setting since 2010.  Hannah holds a BA Honours Degree in Early Years Education. Hannah is supported by her Deputy Manager Harv Kaur who also holds a BA Honours in Early Years Education and has been at the setting since 2013.


Leaps and Bounds employ 17 members of staff, 15 of which hold a level 3 or above childcare related qualification, whilst 1 member of staff is currently working towards achieving their level 3 and 1 member of staff holds a level 2 food hygiene.


We ensure all staff are fully trained in Safeguarding/Child Protection, First Aid, Health & Safety as well as providing them opportunities to undertake other early years related training courses. This enables staff to build their professional development and improve their practice within the setting.


At Leaps and Bounds we believe meal times should be a happy and social occasion for children.


We provide healthy balanced meals and snack throughout the day. Our lunch time meals are prepared by an award winning ‘early years catering’ company who use fresh, locally sourced and nutritious ingredients.


We have achieved level 1 and 2 of the start well program which has been rolled out across Birmingham City Centre in order to encourage children and families to be more active and to eat well.

At Leaps and Bounds Day Nursery we:

  • Provide a balanced and healthy breakfast, lunch, tea and two daily snacks. The children are given the choice of having milk or water to drink.
  • Follow all children’s individual dietary requirements. These are recorded and put up in the room so they are visible for the staff to see.
  • Ensure all children wash their hands before meals and snacks
  • Sit with the children at the table at mealtimes and prompt children in exhibiting good manners at the table, encouraging them to say “please” and “thank you”.
  • Encourage the children to make their own choices by serving up their own lunch, feeding themselves and pouring their own drinks.
  • Encourage children to be social with their friends and carers at the table.


We provide extracurricular activities three times a week which includes; Music, Physical sessions etc.

Rhythm Time – age appropriate tailored sessions to all rooms weekly which are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. The company provides award-winning music classes which benefit children to develop key skills such as socialising, confidence, speech, co-ordination and creativity.

Active Adventurers – providing opportunities to develop fundamental movement skills through multi-sport sessions, main focus being gross and fine motor skills, balance co-ordination and body awareness. This is done through adventures stories based on the characters Charlie Rabbit and Leo Lion.

Meet Our Team

Hannah Ayre

Nursery Manager / H&S Officer

Level 6

Harv Kaur

Deputy Manager

Level 6

Mandisa Roberts

Nursery Practitioner

Level 3

Sanna Minhas

Nursery Practitioner/ SENCO & BECO

Level 3

Heather Wilkinson

Nursery Practitioner/ Outdoor Co-ordinator

Level 2

Aarti Ballagan

Nursery Practitioner

Level 3

Ian Smith

Nursery Practitioner

Level 3

Kamljit Gharu

Room Leader

Level 3

Ashia Mahmood

Nursery Practitioner/ Healthy Eating Co-Ordinator

Level 3

Rebecca Goodwin

Senior Room Leader /  Medical Co-Ordinator

Level 3

Soffia Bi

Nursery Practitioner / Parent Partnership Co-Ordinator

Level 3

Danielle Harrison

Room Leader/ Equal Opportunities Co-Ordinator

Level 3

Anneka Mc’Collin

Domestic/Admin Assistant

Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene

Kisham Lewis

Nursery Practitioner

Level 3